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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

4,193 business owners, experts, doctors, and coaches have learned how to grow their business and become "The Recognized Expert” in their industry in the...

Discover How To Book TV Appearances During
This Exclusive 5-Day Bootcamp 

Even If You're Not an Influencer, Household Name or Great on Video!


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The Next Bootcamp Starts on February 22nd!


00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
  • Want to get your message in front of more people? (From the comfort of your own home...)
  • Wonder why some people get all the opportunities and media appearances? (And secretly wish it was you...)
  • Losing clients, marketing opportunities and speaking engagements because of the craziness of 2020? (And want new opportunities...)
  • ​Want a proven Step-By-Step System to get on TV and amplify those TV appearances for profit? (Without having to get on an airplane and travel...)

Hey, I'm Chris Winfield, publicity expert and the guy known as the super connector.

And I’m Jen Gottlieb, former VH1 host turned lifestyle entrepreneur.

And together we are the founders of Super Connector Media, which was recently awarded as the “Best New PR Agency” by the prestigious Bulldog Reporter awards. 

And we are so unbelievably pumped to invite you to join our five day Be On TV Bootcamp!

Where attendees will discover how to book their first (or next) TV appearance that’ll position them as The Leading Expert in their field… in just five days.

And it's not necessary to be an influencer or household name. And you don't even have to have any "on camera" experience.

The people who join our Be On TV Bootcamp have used their TV appearances to:

Go from being “stuck” to getting booked on TV!


"Prior to this, I was feeling really stuck.

I was making nothing happen. And this was just the boost that I needed. And I actually got myself booked on TV before challenge even ended!"

- Deborah Matthew

Make clients come to them... 
rather than them having to chase people.


“I have had TedX bookers that have reached out to me! 

I've gotten three new clients so far on, and it's just really been an amazing experience... you guys have over delivered!"

- Amber Ybarra

Generate five times as many leads as they could ever hope to handle - and get filled up to 3 to 6 months in advance!


"In just five days, a pretty small investment and a pretty short amount of time... 

I was able to get, as a direct result of this challenge, a national TV placement that was seen by almost half a million people this past weekend!"

- Stephen Lovegrove

Eliminate cold calling, sales presentations, or the need to do any personal selling… 


"One of the crazy things about this challenge is seeing immediate results, immediate return on the investment way beyond return on the investment. I don't know how many multiples that put on that, maybe 1, 000% ROI!

I found myself getting booked both for TV programs for podcasts and even accelerated the conversation about publishing my book!"
- Michael Robison

Our clients have leveraged the media to multiply their lead flow and break through previous income barriers they had never achieved before...


“After getting started on Television - and getting a ton of media… my ROI has been HUGE.

We had a 55% growth in our center.”

- Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge

Gain the admiration, respect, and (yes) even awe of others in their market and community.


"Thanks to the Be On TV Challenge, I have my own radio show!

Definitely sign up for the Be On TV Challenge. You will not regret it. Best investment ever!"

- Gnamma Griffin

So if you’re a business owner that wants to get to the next level…

If you have a feeling deep in your gut that it’s time to be seen and make the leap to become one of the top experts in your industry...

Then what we want you to do is click the button below now to join us. And you’ll get the chance to join our next 5 Day Be On TV Bootcamp.

Where you'll discover the exact strategies we use to appear on the VH1, The Today TV Show, NBC News, CNN, cheddar, CBS, ABC, USA Today Fast Company, Forbes and over 200 other media outlets.

And once you’ve done that…

Imagine being on TV two weeks from today… 

Picture it…

Just a couple of weeks from today, you wake up and prepare for one of the most exciting days ever!
 It’s hard to hold back a smile while thinking about all of the opportunities that are about to come your way.

As good friends and family members proudly gather round to watch…  

Sending in text messages, and social media updates with congratulations and support.
Most people wait their whole lives for a moment like this, to get their message out there on a National level, and share their greatest gifts with the world.

“I’m going to be on TV!” they yell.

Like former BootCamp participant Stephen Lovegrove … who just got booked to be a featured guest on the HallMark Channel!

Which is one of his biggest dreams…  

To appear on the TV Channel he calls “The Heart of TV” and the home of The Countdown To Christmas.   

These are the types of LIFE CHANGING opportunities… and massive shifts in your business that only come from appearing on TV.

Because even in this day and age of the internet..
Nothing else gives you stronger credibility as an expert…
Nothing brings clients in faster … than a TV appearance.

It is the ultimate ‘leapfrog’ to being noted as top expert in your field…
Getting invited to speak on stages around the world. And enjoying the greater influence, security and respect that comes with that.

 It's going to be a GREAT day when YOU appear on TV! 

But it also comes with a little nerve... 
And a little confusion, as people wonder...

* What should I talk about?
* How should I act on TV?
* What should I do if get nervous?
* What if I've never done anything like this before?

Those are all great questions, and that's why we created The Be On TV Bootcamp!

To lead you through the process of getting booked on TV in our 5-day bootcamp. And there’s never been a better time to do this... because people are watching TV now more than ever!

In fact, a recent study found that over 80% of consumers say they are consuming more content with broadcast TV, and online video being the primary mediums across all generations and genders.
And according to Comscore... “viewing of cable news networks has increased 73%" in 2020!

The truth is, the media needs you just as much as you need them. And there has never been a better time to share your story on TV than right now!

This five day bootcamp will help you laser target five media connections and opportunities … and reveal the tactics to successfully get booked on TV without having to do any cold calls.

In This Five Day Bootcamp, We Turn Attendees Into Marketing Machines!

Discover how to become a media INSIDER, and have doors swing open! 
Giving you access to opportunities that will change your life, all from the gifts you already have... 
(And from people you already know!)

Everything You Know About Networking And Publicity Is Wrong,
And We're Spilling The Truth During This Special 

Total Value: $997

Join Today For Only $55!

Here's a preview...

#1. Get Ready to Feel Amazing with Jen's 'Confidence Continuum' 

Learn Jen Gottlieb's unconventional 'Confidence Continuum' that she uses to be comfortable every time she's on TV, even in front of rockstars & billionaires. 

She learned this after being on VH1 for 14 seasons - and it help attendees get comfortable being on camera... once and for all!

#2. Discover What Customers Are Watching with Chris's 'Media Target List'

Discover how to use Chris's 'Media Target List' to identify WHO to approach to get on TV and what to say to them to get on TV... 

And how to use 'FOMO' in your favor!

#3. Bootcamp Participants Get Super Clear On Their Messaging

Learn the EASIEST formula to use to introduce yourself on air & never be 'lost for words' ever again. 

Once people say this... viewers instantly LOVE their story & are more likely to buy from them.

4. Want to Learn the Exact Pitching Methods We Use at Our Agency? 

Discover the foolproof 5-step method to pitching TV producers a story ... so they choose you over someone else.

5. Know Exactly Who To Pitch to Get On TV

Use our proven 'Top 20 Tool' to land even BIGGER appearances on TV (yep, many people get on TV multiple times!) to reach more & more potential customers each week.

When you join us in the 5-Day Be On TV Bootcamp you’ll get:

  • 5 Days of LIVE TRAININGS Starting February 22nd with World Leading Publicity Experts Chris Winfield, Jen Gottlieb … and special guests! Where you’ll discover how to use TV to reach your ideal clients… and become the leading authority others turn to for guidance! [VALUE: $500+]
  • Access To Our Private Community Where We’ll Help Get You Ready For Being On Camera… And Walk You Through Exactly What To Say & How To Book Your First (Or Next) TV Appearance [VALUE: PRICELESS]
  • 5 Step-By-Step PDF Guides to Help You With Pitching, Mindset, Messaging, Story, Clarity & Confidence [VALUE $197]
  • ​Plus: ​A special Bonus Call With a Top Media Insider (Previous guests have included Producers from CNN & Good Morning America) to Help You Overcome The common FEAR of Success! Of Feeling like you’re not worthy… Or not deserving of being recognized for the expert you are! We’ll help you remove these beliefs once and for all, so you can shine your light on the world... and at the same time give others permission to do the same! [VALUE $500]



  • aka "The Super Connector"
  • ​CEO, Super Connector Media
  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • ​200+ Media Apperances
  • ​Keynote Speaker
  • aka "The Super Connector"
  • ​CEO, Super Connector Media
  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • ​200+ Media Apperances
  • ​Keynote Speaker
  • 14 Seasons VH1
  • Co-Founder, Super Connector Media
  • ​Broadway Star
  • ​Chief Mindset Officer
  • ​Coach & Mentor

Renowned "Super Connectors"

and Communication Experts Chris Winfield and Jen Gottlieb are co-founders of the wildly successful company Super Connector Media, which helps people foster connections and relationships that matter. 

The powerful business and life partner duo, whom Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop recently named among “11 Professionals Helping People Find More Satisfying, Successful Careers”, are on a mission to empower people to cultivate in-person connections and relationships and find more fulfilment in their personal and professional lives.

Chris successfully built Super Connector Media on the concept of “Helping One Person Everyday” (H.O.P.E.), which has earned him the title of, “The Super Connector,” by many in the media and entrepreneurial worlds.

It’s how he became the editor at large at Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global. 

How he helped a company sell for $1.8 billion. 

How he gets entrepreneurs on the Dr. Oz Show. 

Or a column in Entrepreneur. 

Or the hottest book agent in NYC.

Jen Gottlieb is the Co-Founder and Chief Mindset Officer at Super Connector Media. 

Jen’s 14-season run as a co-host on VH1 and starring in a Broadway national tour, gives her the background and experience to help entrepreneurs elevate their personal mindsets into achieving goals beyond their expectations. 

Prior to Co-Founding Super Connector Media, Jen used the media to build a leading coaching business in the health and wellness space. 

Jen also speaks to audiences around the world, impacting the trajectory of already successful entrepreneurs into a winner mindset. 



Total Value: $997

Your Price Today: Only $55

TIME SENSITIVE: This 5-Day Live and highly Interactive Bootcamp will help you to laser target 20 Media Connections and Reveal the tactics to successfully get booked...
WITHOUT having to do ANY "Cold Calls" or Outreach!




Before you make your decision, I gotta say this:

Your time here on earth is limited. 

And because of that, you need to STOP WAITING:

…for other people’s permission to step into the arena and be seen everywhere, and known by everyone…

… or, for the day you wake up and feel qualified/thin/ready/worthy enough to claim your place at the top of your industry.


Sure, if publicity and getting your message in front of thousands (or even millions) of people isn’t your jam?

Click “close tab” right now, and move on to what does light up your soul like nothing else. But…

If you have a desire to get your message out there, and CHANGE LIVES through what you teach?

Then say “yes” to yourself, to your greatness, and to this opportunity to make your EPIC BREAKTHROUGH a tangible reality in just 5 days!

To the massive impact you’re about to make,
Chris Winfield

And a whole lot more!

Total Value: $997 (actually, It's a lot more!)

Your Price Today: Only $55

TIME SENSITIVE: This 5-Day Live and highly Interactive Bootcamp will help you to laser target 20 Media Connections and Reveal the tactics to successfully get booked...
WITHOUT having to do ANY "Cold Calls" or Outreach!

Total Value: $997

Join Today For Only $55!

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