Terms & Conditions
Last Updated on August 25th, 2021
Article 1: Nature of the agreement
You have entered into an agreement with Super Connector Media which is mentioned by name and address on the preceding pages of this agreement. The nature of this agreement is that you have purchased digital downloads and coaching support from Super Connector Media  (the “Program”).
Registration as a member of the Program (www.beseenaccelerator.com) takes place by fully completing the (online) intake form.
Article 2: Liability
You are aware that you have downloaded/joined into a membership that includes information regarding digital marketing.
The information provided is by no means a guarantee of the results that you will receive and any claims of earnings does not mean you will do similar or any at all.
All information is to be used as a guide only and Super Connector Media is not responsible for any loss of earnings from the information/guidance that you receive.
You hereby confirm that you agree to the information within our terms/conditions automatically by purchasing our products and services.
Article 3: Prices, payments, and membership.
You are aware and agree that this agreement with Super Connector Media is not transferable or refundable. You acknowledge that prior payment is required for participation in the programs and digital downloads/membership community.
Payments made are non-refundable. You understand that this agreement and the terms it contains apply to the agreed subscription and any other purchase of services in the future. You acknowledge that the specific exemption from liability, approval, and approval of this agreement remains valid indefinitely.
No reimbursement is granted for training and/or programs that are not completed. You understand that Super Connector Media has the right and the authority to terminate the program/membership at any time without reimbursement if you do not follow the program or behave appropriately within the membership community.
Article 4: Complaints and obligation to provide information
Changes in the personal situation of the member (including address or bank details) must be notified immediately in writing to Super Connector Media. In case of complaints with regard to the Program , the member should contact us directly to email at support@superconnectormedia.com
Article 5: Conditions
Results are not guaranteed. These depend on factors beyond the control of Super Connector Media. Results vary depending on the starting point, goals, and effort. Testimonials displayed are to represent the best results of the digital downloads/coaching, you should not assume that even with the perfect implementation of the program you will achieve similar results.